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Upgrade your smartphone: Simply insert the practical Phone Pad into your protective case and you can carry your device casually and elegantly like a handbag over your shoulder or around your body.

  • Universal: Turn any smartphone protective case, whether back cover or flip case, into a necklace case. To do this, insert the pad into your protective case, pass the eyelet through the charging port recess and connect the eyelet to the carabiner. Thanks to these few simple steps, your device can then be carried comfortably over your shoulder.
  • Carefree: You’ll love the Necklace Phone Pad especially when you’re on the move. Your trouser or jacket pockets are free, you have more space in your backpack or handbag and yet your smartphone is always within easy reach.
  • Comfortable: With the help of the individually adjustable strap, you can decide for yourself how loosely or tightly the smartphone is worn on your body.
  • Flexible: If the situation requires it and you don’t need the strap, it can be detached from the smartphone case in no time at all using the snap hook.
  • Robust: The durable materials ensure that you can enjoy this clever gadget for a long time.
  • Versatile: The Necklace Phone Pad goes particularly well with the 4smarts Ibiza and Urban Lite series or the protective cases of the 360° Premium Protection Sets.

Note: The Necklace Pad can only be used in combination with a smartphone case that offers full all-round protection around the charging port and has high torsional rigidity.

Technical data:

  • Strap and pad made of durable polyester
  • Strap length of up to 75cm
  • Sizes can be easily adjusted by pulling the ends of the strap
  • Can be worn close to the body or loose, casual like a shoulder bag
  • Weight: 40g